Tula For Life

Hi lovely readers,

Let’s talk skincare – as I entered my 30s, I realized that taking care of my skin is extremely important because wrinkles started appearing and I don’t quite have that “youthful” skin that I used to. So choosing the right products has been key! And since I deal with very sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin, it’s even MORE important to use effective yet gentle products. For me, Tula has been a life-saver.

I was hesitant to start Tula products, or really any line of products for the fear that I would completely breakout, which is a common worry us ladies with oily skin have. But I knew they were very reputable and more importantly, that their products have probiotics that are so good for the skin. I began using their famous moisturizer as well as their super popular face wash. After a couple weeks, I fell in LOVE! So I got their Rose Glow Brightening Eye Cream and their Revitalizing Eye Cream. My skin has never broken out and I love the quality of these products.

Full disclosure, I am not sponsored by Tula. I’ve linked all of them for you to shop and try for yourselves ^_^

XO, Zoha


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