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I am taking a weekend trip back home to State College, PA (let’s go PSU) to visit my family, and couldn’t be more excited. It’s going to be short but sweet! Whether I’m traveling for a weekend like this, or a week-long vacation, there are essential items that I absolutely can not travel without. So I thought I’d share them with you!
1. Comfy shoes – I always opt for a comfortable travel outfit, and the shoes are no exception. I love a pair of slip-on shoes or light-weight sneakers like these. They make going through security lines so much easier since we have to take off our shoes. Also, sometimes I have a connecting flight that I need to literally run to, and need practical shoes to do so.
2. Skin care – traveling causes my skin to freak out, so I take along these goodies from Tula to maintain my glowing skin.
3. Essential makeup – My go-to is this Bobbi Brown Nude shadow palette…it has all the colors I normally wear, all together in this compact, ready to go palette. I also love this Tarte foundation stick, especially for traveling.
4. Portable charger – being a blogger means non-stop working, and I need a fully charged phone & iPad to do that. I always carry a portable charger with me, and when I travel I take along a few.
5. Hair products – I love Drybar products like their Shine Cream and Dry Shampoo. I also take along Living Proof products like this Humidity Shield spray since I have curly hair.
6. Cozy cardigan – a cardi is a must for me! It can get cold on the plane, as well as night time even at a warm destination. It’s easier to manage than a coat. So I never travel without one.
7. Protein bars – I always carry protein bars with me on a daily basis because when I get hungry, I get Hangry! And during travel, food is sometimes not readily available. I love these bars from Nature Valley!
8. Sunglasses – this is just an every day essential item that I always carry, but especially useful when traveling. And not just at the destination, but also during the travel itself…you know how it is arriving after a long trip and not looking your 100%. Shades adds instant chic to remedy that! Here are some great shades.
9.¬† Nude & black shoes – just a pair of each to match any outfit I take. The style really depends on where I’m headed, but I always stick with nude/beige and black for easy styling.
10. Neutral or black bag РI take a black or neutral color bag with me when I travel. Similar to the shoes, it makes styling a breeze. I usually opt for a crossbody because it makes traveling easier by freeing my hands to carry luggage and a coffee!
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