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I recently had the absolute pleasure of visiting Cancun, Mexico and sharing my experience as well as some helpful hints for YOUR visit there. This was my first time visiting Mexico…about time! And I got to experience my first visit with my family, which made it even more special since planning a family vacation can be difficult given everyone lives in different states and are so busy. So this was very special to me! To make it easier, I have summarized this amazing resort in categories, so here we go…


We booked an all-inclusive vacation, so from the moment we arrived at Cancun airport, everything was already taken care of (more about it in helpful hints below). What I immediately noticed upon arriving, and all throughout this trip, was how friendly everyone was. A shuttle took us to the Palladium Grand Resort, which offers 4 different resorts (we stayed at Colonial). Hello paradise! The resort was so tropical and beautiful, and offered everything one could possibly want. We were welcomed by friendly staff at the entrance and the sight of a flock of flamingos, followed by clean and lovely rooms. 

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Getting around the resort was so easy. Besides being able to walk everywhere, there were little golf-cart type transportation cars that could pick you up anywhere and drop you off at your destination, whether it was within the resort itself, or to a resort nearby. 




With the all-inclusive packages, all of the food was taken care of. That’s right, every restaurant, every buffet, every where! I literally stuffed my face!




This category is very important haha. Since we had an all-inclusive package, drinks were included. So at any time of the day we could go to any bar and order drinks after drinks after drinks. 



Oh boy, where or where do I begin! We were a 5 minute walk to a huge swimming pool area with multiple pools, bars including a swim-up bar, and the beach. There is no end to how you can spend the day just at the pool and beach. The resort also offers nightly shows that are actually different at each resort location. So you can check out the schedule and choose which shows to see. They take place on the stages near the lobbies of each resort, but they also have music and dancing shows directly in the lobbies. Our resort also had a sports bar with large TVs, pool tables, and pizza!

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  • without a doubt, all-inclusive is the way to go! Your airfare, lodging, transportation, food & drinks, and entertainment is all combined in a smart and economical bundle. Not only is it WAY more cost-effective, but it also gives you a peace of mind knowing everything is already taken care of and all you have to do is show up and enjoy.
  • things to take: $50 in $1 bills (you will be tipping everyone from your cab driver to the bartender to your waiter/waitress) and usually a couple dollars is recommended, sunscreen (spf 35 or higher), spf protectant chapstick, sun hat/ cap, bug repellent spray, benedril cream (for when you do get mosquito bites), at least one set of lightweight long sleeve & pants (see why below), a small waterproof clutch/bag to hold your phone and $ (you will give tips in $1 bills), sunglasses
  • avoid traveling during the month of June through the beginning of July. I was there the end of June, which just so happens to be the start of their rainy season. Why is this an issue? Because along with the rainy season comes the mosquitoes unfortunately…everyone was getting bit every day during our visit. Even if you are one of those lucky people who mosquitoes tend to avoid (I’m not one of those people, mosquitoes adore me and the feeling is not mutual!), you WILL get bitten a lot. My entire family and everyone else in that entire resort was walking around with blotches of red from their feet to their ears. 

Till next time,

XO, Zoha

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