Almond Orchards In Northern California




Hello lovely readers!

Last weekend, my friends and I spent the morning at a beautiful almond orchard near Sacramento, California for a lovely photoshoot. Yes, the morning! Meaning we woke up at 4am, got ready, left San Francisco at 5am, got our butts to Sacramento, picked up our friend Gen (who is major pregos), and hit the road to get to the almond fields at sunrise! Oh the things we do for the blog LOL. But it’s all good because it was totally worth it and the photos speak for themselves.

This was my first time at an almond orchard, and it was incredibly beautiful. If you’ve never gone, and you live in San Francisco, I highly recommend taking a day to drive up to Sacramento – no need to get up at 4! There are a lot of them and they are in various locations, so you surely pass a bunch on the way.

Be sure to shop my look above, and check out all the great photos below.




img_0635 img_6420 img_6448 img_0598 img_6444

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