New Apartment Bedroom Decor

Hi loves,

It’s been a busy few weeks moving to DC and adjusting to my new life. None of it has really sunk in yet and it truly has been a whirl wind. But I’m slowly settling in and loving my new apartment! It’s going to be a work in progress of course. My bedroom is well underway to becoming what I’m envisioning, so I wanted to share what it’s looking like so far.

The last time I was living in DC, I was in a studio apartment. This time, I upgraded to a 1-bedroom, so I now have separate spaces that I can designate as a bedroom and living area. I have a lot of ideas about how to decorate each room and the bedroom is already starting to look the way I want it to. My color palette for the bedroom is neutrals, gold, silver, and pops of blush/pink.

I already had this bed, but I got a beautiful new bedding set, as well as these amazing night stands. I decided to set up my shoe self in the bedroom right next to the closet so I can coordinate outfits easily. Stay tuned for more decor update!

XO, Zoha

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