Life Update: Moving to Charleston, SC!

Hi lovely readers!

Yep that’s right, Zoha is moving for the 100th time…10th time in 10 years to be exact! But I’m not just switching to a new apartment, I’m moving to CHARLESTON, SC with Rob and the kids!! And not only that, we are BUILDING OUR DREAM HOUSE!!! Crazy I know, and it still doesn’t seem real. We’re all super excited for a new chapter in all our lives!

This has been such an emotional few months for me. I moved to D.C. less than 2 years ago, and I NEVER imagined I’d meet an incredible man and be moving with him to a new state. Even typing these words is weird to me. However, Rob and I decided it was the right time in our relationship as well as in our lives to take the next step. We wanted to buy a house together and since Rob is from the Charleston area in South Carolina and all his family and friends live there, it made sense for us to buy there.

We began looking for homes for fun with no timeline in mind, and when COVID hit, we halted our browsing. But then we decided it was actually the perfect time to possibly find something, and an opportunity presented itself to not just buy a resale, but to actually build! So we got the lot and thus began the crazy fast process. I’ll devote a separate post dedicated to the actual house.

There is so much to do still and as I get packing and begin the moving process, I’ll be sure to take you all along for the ride. CHEERS to a new chapter and I have the highest hopes for my new life in South Carolina!

XO, Zoha


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