Moving Like A Pro

Hi lovely readers!

I’m moving AGAIN!!! This will be the 10th time in 11 years, yep that’s right, TEN TIMES! It’s to a point where it doesn’t surprise me anymore and I don’t stress about it because I’ve done it so many times (sad I know). So you better believe by now I’m a self-proclaimed pro! Therefore I figured I MUST share my moving tips and advice so when the time comes for YOU to move, you’ll do so like a pro too.

Plan your move:
– Determine your move date, and reserve your freight elevator and loading dock (if applicable). If you live on a street that has strict parking measures (like mine when I lived in San Francisco), you may need to reserve with the city 2-4 parking spots in front of your place. If you live in a high rise with a loading dock like I do now, then reserve the freight elevator and loading dock for your moving truck.
– Complete a USPS mail forwarding form accordingly
– Determine whether or not you will use movers. If you do get movers, reserve them ahead of time so they are available on your moving day. Also, DO YOUR RESEARCH so you wind up with a moving company with excellent ratings.
– Order packing supplies in a timely manner so you don’t run out of materials as you get closer to moving day. I use Amazon and all the supplies I used for my current move are listed above!
– Contact your cable/internet provider and determine your service transfer with them accordingly. Or if you need to cancel altogether, do that ahead of time so you’re not charged extra on your move date and onwards.
– Plan with your property management group to determine if cleaners need to come in at a certain date. If you have a landlord, know ahead of time what cleaning measures are in the contract, and plan for it. Do not leave it for moving day.

How to pack properly:
– Start by taping up a few boxes to get an idea of how big or tall your boxes turn out. I suggest buying regular and large (tall) boxes so all your stuff fit.
– Begin by packing items such as decoration, paintings, off-season clothing, and kitchenware you don’t use often. Be sure to bubble wrap any fragile items (NEVER assume it will be fine).
– As you pack, DO NOT TAPE UP your boxes. Leave them open and simply stack the boxes. You may want to access an item at some point during the packing process, or that certain items fit better in a different size box.

– Balance your box weights! For example, if you’re packing dishes or books which tend to be heavy, don’t fill the entire box. Fill only half the box and distribute the rest to other boxes, then fill the rest of those boxes with lighter items.
– This is one of MY MAJOR TIPS FOR MOVING…I start a list on my iPhone for my boxes and their contents. Most people write on their boxes, but I simply # my boxes, then record their contents in my phone. It’s SO MUCH EASIER when you’re in your new place and looking for a certain box.

DO NOT WRITE ON TOP OF BOXES, WRITE ON ALL 4 SIDES. This is another common thing people do…they write on top of the box. When you move into your new place and your boxes are stacked, you can’t see the written stuff. I write the # on all 4 sides which is tedious but SUPER helpful when you’re looking for a certain box.
– For any boxes that contain fragile stuff, write FRAGILE in capital letters on all 4 sides. Also, if a box needs to remain facing upward, I put an arrow so movers know how to handle those boxes.

Storage units:
– I’ve only used storage unit services once but have heard horror stories of people’s belonging being handled improperly, infested with roaches and mice, or even worst the unit being broken into and having their stuff stolen! So if you do decided to use a storage unit service, again do your research for that particular location and read the reviews.
NEVER LEAVE VALUABLES IN STORAGE! Treat a storage unit like checked baggage at the airport. If you have valuables or sentimental belonging, do not leave it in storage, take it with you and somehow make room for it.

Moving day:
– Get a good night sleep the night before and wake up on time on moving day
DO NOT LEAVE ANY PACKING FOR MOVING DAY. Make sure all your packing is complete by your move date. Also, try to have your personal belonging that are not getting packed in a truck in a separate area.
– If you’re using movers, make sure they have your cell phone # and know exactly where to park the moving truck.
– Wear comfortable and functional clothing. I usually wear activewear and sneakers so that I’m able to do any physical activities needed.
– When movers are on site (or whoever is helping you move), let them know what items are going in the truck and which do not need touched.
– Turn in your keys at the appropriate designated location before leaving.

I hope these tips will help you for your next major move. They’ve been fail-proof for me!

XO, Zoha


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