Zoha’s Zesty Life – The Importance of Finding Your Passion

Hello my lovely viewers! Today I’m talking about the importance of finding your passion in life.

Finding your passion in life is part of living a whole life in my opinion. I find that a lot of people live their lives without having discovered their passion, and those who DO live each day with a different and better attitude. For some, their job or career IS their passion, and for others it’s their hobby or side hustle. So why is finding your passion important? Here are 3 reasons among many:

Gives your life purpose: That’s because they wake up every day with a purpose in mind. For example, mine is fashion and consequently my blog.  It excites me from the moment i wake up because i think about what im gonna wear that day, hoping on instagram to post a photo or stories, what content i will create that week and etc. So for the majority of the day, im in a good mood knowing i have a purpose today. 

Makes life sweeter: we all know life isn’t easy, it’s hard. We go through a lot of ups and downs, so what gets us through the downs? Usually family and friends, and for a lot of us, our passion. For me, aside from my family, what has gotten me through those downs has been my blog. Through every difficult life situation, my blog has been a constant source of happiness to turn to. It has been there for me to turn to without fail.

Inspires others: when you meet someone who has a passion in life, no matter what it is, you develop a level of respect and appreciation for that person that you may not do so otherwise. When he or she talks about it, you can hear and feel their enthusiasm. You become drawn to that person and inspired by their love for that thing, and unknowingly it carries over to you. You realize YOU as well want to have something in life to be THAT passionate about and it motivates you to seek it. And when you do find it and make it a part of your life, it’ll rub off on the next person and so on. 

For these reasons and so much more, it’s really important to find your passion in life so you can live a truly fulfilling life. 

In my next video, i will talk about how to find your passion.

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