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In my last video, i talked about why i think it’s important to find your passion in life. Today i want to share how to find your passion, or at least suggest some ways that could work for you. 

Some people know from early on in their life what they love and they pursue it as soon as they can. For others, it comes later in life or it takes more effort to find it, like me! I wasn’t “passionate” about fashion till later. If that sounds like you, then here are some suggestions i have to finding your passion.

  1. Talk it out – i’ve found that the more people you talk to about what’s going on in your life and in your mind in general, the more insight you gain that can actually really help you. It only takes one conversation to turn on a light bulb in your head that can lead to finding your passion in life. Before i started blogging, i knew i wanted to do something in fashion but didn’t know what. I knew I couldn’t work in the industry since that’s not what i pursued in college, so i had to figure out a different path for myself. After talking to various people, the idea of starting a blog came about. I knew absolutely nothing about blogs at the time, but I figured I’d try it, and boy am I glad I did! So talk to as many people as you can, especially those around you who you feel inspired and motivated by.
  2. Try new things – our likes and dislikes generally come from having tried various things. As we get older, we become more cautious or even some times too scared to try new things. But you just have to! I’ve learned to be open to new experiences and to change my doubts and fears into yeses, and that totally has opened so many doors for me. The more you say YES to new experiences, the more you open up your world to things you may not even have imagined and one of those experiences may just become your passion.
  3. Get organized- you can go on living day by day wishing you had a passion to pursue but not actually investing the time to figuring it out, and you’ll get nowhere with it. It takes time! If you work during the week and are super busy, then devote a Saturday or sunday to genuinely think about it. Where are you the most productive? For me it’s working at a cafe. Wherever you are the most productive, go there with your laptop and a notebook, and start jotting down categories and topics you’re interested in. Start broad then narrow down to a detailed list. Think about what can realistically be attainable and work with your lifestyle. Choose a few things that peak your interest, then take action. 
  4. Be proactive – once you’ve done step 3 and have figured out a few things that you are POTENTIALLY interested in, then you need to take action. I’m emphasizing ‘potentially’ because at this point you are still exploring. You may try something and decide it’s actually not right for you, but at least you gave a shot. Then you’ll try something else and realize you are even more intrigued than you initially thought. So given your few potential passions, here are some suggestions  of how to explore them:
    1. Research online – obviously this is the easiest way to learn more about each interest, and the more knowledge you acquire, the easier it’ll be to hone in on your passion. Blogs are a great resource for learning more about certain topics.
    2. Social media – don’t underestimate the power of social media and what it has to offer. I suggest hopping on Instagram to start. Search hashtags related to those potential passions and browse the posts that pop up for inspiration.
    3. Join meetups – there are tons of meet up groups out there for literally everything! Find one and go to one of their meetups. Not only will you meet like-minded people who share your interest, but you’ll also gain a new perspective that can help you in your search for your passion.
    4. Sign up for a random activity or experience on sites like Groupon. These services offer great deals for numerous things, including fun activities. Try something completely out of your comfort zone!

I hope these tips help you find something you’re passionate about.


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