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Hello lovely readers!

As you’ve been following on Instagram, you know I’ve been on the hunt for the next city to move to. And I’m so stoked to announced that I’m heading to Washington DC!!!

I admit I haven’t been keeping up with the blog, but that’s because I moved across the country back to the East Coast a month ago, and only a month later, moving again! LITERALLY exhausted, as if one move isn’t tiring enough, and another back to back.   But I’m so excited to continue to my next adventures in DC. DC was actually my first home away from home…I did a summer internship there in college. After college, I moved to Philly, then San Francisco, and now going to my new home DC!

Continuing being completely honest and transparent with you all, I also wanted to take this opportunity to explain a few reasons why I decided to leave San Francisco because so many of you have been curious. I had an amazing and fulfilling time there, but for the long run, it wasn’t the place for me. Here are the reasons why I left SF and moved back to the east coast:

  1. Family – my parents and sisters live in PA and my brother is in Chicago. We are extremely tight-knit and close, and being so far from them has been hard. It was time to move back and be closer.
  2. Cost of Living – San Francisco is now officially the most expensive city in the U.S. and it’s true! Rent is absurd and day to day expenses are more than other cities, which add up over time. I want to buy a place eventually and have space, and not have to pay 800k for a tiny condo. Life is wayyy more affordable in other cities.
  3. Weather – Funny enough, this was one of the reasons why I moved to Cali. But I started missing actual seasons and constantly wearing a jacket both in the summer and winter wasn’t cool. I missed foliage, and a white Christmas, and being warm enough in the summer for shorts and flip flops, and spring rain.
  4. Culture – definitely a different world in SF compared to what I’m used to. I gave it a good 4 yrs but in the end, I feel I fit in better with the East Coast culture. I gotta give it to East Coast…it’s the best coast!

It’s been a loooong 2 months of planning, organizing, packing, moving, job and apartment-hunting, and a lot of back pain to be honest, but I am finally ready to settle down and being a new journey <3 And you will be following along the whole way! Hope you’re ready for me DC cuz Zoha is taking over!!!



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