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Hi Everyone!

It’s always great to go out with friends and check out different bars and restaurants, but once in a while, it’s equally fun to have a girl’s night in. That’s just what I did with my besties…but took it up a notch. I hosted a “Summer Adult Slumber Party” and let me tell you it was a blast and I highly recommend it for you ladies out there. It made us feel like kids again when we would have sleep-overs!

I hosted 3 of my best friends who all happen to be fellow fashion bloggers here in San Francisco – Gen of Gennifer Rose, Kara of Whimsy Soul, and Justina of Just In A City.


So how do you successfully host an adult slumber party? Here are my tips to have a fun night in:


  • Theme: I decided to create a theme for the slumber party to make it more fun, and went with a “Summer” theme before Fall rolls around
  • Decor: I got floral and pink items to go with my summer theme. I also got these fabulous cat eye party props!


  • Drinks: absolutely crucial for an “adult” slumber party. We had a great variety of wine, liquor, and beer. I also decided to create a custom drink for the special night called the “Sleeping Beauty” (vodka, orange juice, cherry juice, lemon juice).

IMG_8257 IMG_8277 IMG_8256

  • Food & Snacks: make sure to have some snacks so when your friends arrive, they can munch on them with the drinks. I’ve gotten into guacamole making recently, so I made fresh guacamole. I also got cheese, meat and crackers, and almonds. I ALWAYS have bowls of Hershey Kisses on my coffee table, which adds a personal touch. For food, we decided to do pizzas since everyone loves pizza and it’s easy to do.


  • Music: Have a great selection of music playing to get the party started


  • Games: besides catching up with each other, it’s a great idea to have fun games to play. One of my favorites is Cards Against Humanity…if you haven’t yet played it, PLAY IT! Trust me, it’s super entertaining.


  • Dessert: obviously I have a huge sweet tooth and got cupcakes for my ladies, and decorated them with flower toothpics.


  • Movie: end the night with a fun movie, like Magic Mike! What girl doesn’t want to see that?! And don’t forget the popcorn!


  • Morning after: since your friends will be staying over, make sure you have something for them to eat in the morning. I had coffee, muffins, and croissants for my ladies.

I hope these tips will help you plan your next adult slumber party!

Till next time,


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