Ring In The New Year!


Hello 2017!!!

Happy New Year everyone!

As I say goodbye to 2016 and jump into 2017, I’ve had a lot to reflect on and to look forward to. I wanted to share some of that with you all.

This past year has been truly incredible…I’ve been super busy juggling everything in my life and it’s been a fast-paced, non-stop go go go for me. My blog has flourished and I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with amazing brands and companies. I met bloggers who inspire me, and have become my friends. Being among this community has elevated this year so much. 

As far as my personal life, it’s been quite a ride and plenty of ups and downs. But it all has been positive in the end and I’m happy to be ending a fantastic 2016. Moving to SF 2 years ago was a HUGE decision and definitely not easy, but I’m so glad I did it. And turning 30 this year was a milestone…that comes with new goals.

So as a new year begins, I wanted to share some resolutions with you. I’ve always set realistic and achievable resolutions that ultimately help me become the best version of myself, and these are no exceptions. In 2017, I want to develop stronger relationships with those who I hold dear and are the closest to me. I want to travel more because I love it and didn’t do much of it in my 20s.

My goal for my blog is to elevate it! You will see more sophisticated outfits and photos. I hope to collaborate with more brands, attend more events, and even host some. I want to do more videos, from clips on my Instagram to Instagram stories, and even Snapchat (follow me on both @poshtoganache). I love being in front of camera and my goal this year to show you all more of who I am.

I want to thank those of you who visit my blog, and follow/support me on my social media. What are some of your resolutions?

Below are some of my favorite photos from this year. Cheers to 2017!

XO Zoha

 img_9818-1 img_9954img_6455 img_6771 img_6660 img_6554 IMG_8334 IMG_7718IMG_7882 IMG_6480 IMG_2115 IMG_4038 IMG_3989IMG_6519 IMG_6475 IMG_3238 IMG_3301 IMG_6767 IMG_2853 Zoha Hat 1 IMG_1849 IMG_9656small IMG_1929 IMG_8524smallIMG_2147 IMG_1353

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