Intro to Zoha’s Zesty Life!!!

Hello to all you lovely viewers watching this video.  I decided to start  a video series called Zoha’s Zesty Life. This first video is just an intro to the Zesty Life series. 

This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a while because I’ve always wanted to use my blogging platform for more than just fashion, and I was waiting for the right time in my life to start it. That time is now! 

In the zesty life series, I will be talking about various life topics, such as friendship, dating & love, career, blogging, and happiness to name a few. And I promise all of the videos will be under 5 minutes. They’ll be very casual with a cup of coffee or glass of champagne. And you’ll see me holding my iPad because i have talking points on it. 

As a disclaimer, I am no expert in these topics by any means…they are simply derived from my own life experiences and I thought surely there are others who can relate or can learn something. 

Also, if there are specific topics you’d like me to talk about, please DM me and let me know! So cheers and I hope you enjoy watching my Zoha’s Zesty Life series!


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