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Hello loves!

I’m beyond thrilled to share that I’m moving back to the East Coast!!! It’s a bitter-sweet feeling (mostly sweet) as I say good bye to San Francisco.
I’ve been here 4 years, and what a phenomenal time it’s been. I moved here October 2014 not really knowing where my life would head. But I knew I had always wanted to live in SF for a bit. I’m fortunate to have had my aunts and cousins in the Bay area to help me get started…if anyone has moved across the county, you know how difficult it is! But I was determined to achieve great things and within the first year I was off to do just that. It wasn’t long before I started making friends, integrating myself in the SF blogging community, getting the layout of the land, and getting accustomed to life here.
I have accomplished so much that I’m amazed and quite proud of myself. There have been many ups and downs, but I’ve grown personally and professionally, and I don’t regret any of it. I have met incredible people and built a network of friends and bloggers who have enriched my life. And I made a second family with my besties to whom I’m forever grateful because I wouldn’t have survived even a year without them.
I wanted to do a special photoshoot to announce this exciting news, and believe it or not I have never done a shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts! So this was the perfect opportunity to do that (special thanks to my friend Justina).
So cheers to 4 fantastic years in San Francisco! And thank you to my friends and family for their continous love and support. I will be taking some time off to spend with my family back home, and excited for the next chapter in my life and the next city adventure I embark on.


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