Fierce and Fabulous at 32!

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Happy 32nd to Me!
I’m another year older and loving it! Truly and absolutely loving my 30’s guys, and I never thought I’d be happier more now than ever before.
Usually I celebrate my birthday with dinner and drinks, but this year I decided to host a brunch. Why? because it’s my favorite meal – who doesn’t love brunch! And I was lucky enough to have all of my friends in town (anyone else who has a summer birthday knows how hard it is since everyone is usually traveling). I host parties and events all the time, and of course had to have a theme, so being summer time I decided on a tropical theme. I found the perfect dress that’s both stylish and captures the tropical vibe, got tons of decoration and balloons, and threw one hell of a birthday brunch if I may say so myself!
I hosted my brunch at Mezcalito, one of my favorite spots in San Francisco. This place is amazing…the ambiance is fantastic, the food is delicious, the drinks are perfection (especially anything with mezcal), and everyone there is super friendly.
My birthday brunch was everything I wanted and more. A huge thank you to my fabulous friends for celebrating with me, and to Mezcalito for being such a gracious host.
Cheers to 32!
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