Cheers to 2019!


Cheers to a new year and new beginnings!

Happy New Year to you all and Hello 2019! I still can’t believe how fast this past year flew by but let me just say how excited I am about 2019 because this will be my year!

As you know, after 4 yrs of experiencing San Francisco, I decided my heart is back in the East Coast. So I packed up and moved back home to PA. A month later, I found a new job in Washington DC, found an apartment I adore – I call it Zoha’s Castle, and began a new life. I think sometimes it takes time to find where you truly belong, which city you fit in, the right career, and where you can call home, at least that’s the case for me. And I finally feel like I’ve accomplished that.

I mentioned this last year when I posted about New Year’s resolutions…I actually don’t make a resolution. Instead I set goals that will elevate me as a person and help me be the best version of myself for various aspects of my life. I want to share some with you in the hope that it will inspire you. So here are my 2019 year goals that I break into 5 categories:

  • Family: the most important thing in my life and why I moved back to the east coast. Now that I’m within driving distance, I will visit them as much as possible, and fly to Chicago to visit my brother hopefully a few times this year. I will be with my family for every holiday and birthday.
  • Social: this includes friends, and love & dating. My goal this year is to make new friends in DC, to network with local bloggers and businesses, and to take advantage of as many events and social gatherings that DC has to offer. And since I’m still single, my goal is to date smarter and hopefully meet the right man for me.
  • Business: this includes work, being a “girl boss” and CEO of my own life. I work full time in commercial real estate and want to excel to become as my dad puts it the “MVP”. I also want to start planning for the future and think more long-term when it comes to my decisions, which of course began with leaving California.
  • Blog: my blog is my passion and oxygen, and very year I set goals to improve it. This year I aim to focus of building relationships with fellow bloggers, to produce more useful blog posts, captivating Instagram posts, and much more videos. And I hope to acquire more partnerships!
  • Self: this includes goals to improve myself as a person, and health & fitness. One of the great things about being in my 30s is that I am confident in who I am and know what I want in life. I want to continue hustling and working hard to accomplish what’s important to me. I aim to continue and improve my health and exercise routines. And MOST importantly, my goal is to take more time for myself to RELAX. I do way too much and need more days off to disconnect and reboot!

Sometimes you know when you’re on the brink of something spectacular because you can feel it in your bones, and that’s how I feel about 2019. So cheers to a new year, new beginnings, and to anyone reading this – I wish you a wonderful 2019!




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