5 Easy Ways to Create a Functional Work Space

Hi lovely readers,

After a few months of moving into my apartment in DC, I finally got a much-needed desk! As a blogger, it’s very important to have a functional and beautiful work space so I can be productive and let my creative juices flow. This space starts with the perfect desk!

  1. Find the perfect desk. I’m a huge fan of Wayfair for everything home-related, especially furniture. That’s where I found my dream desk. It’s white and gold, which is what I was looking for. I love the sleek modern design. And the size is perfect for my laptop and some decor, and for the size of my apartment. I’m still looking for the perfect chair!
  2. Get wall-spired. One way I get daily inspiration is by hanging wall art that makes me feel motivated and productive. I found these super affordable art print outs and frames on Amazon.
  3. Decorate smart. Find decor that is as pleasing to the eye as it is functional. I found fun storage boxes that are pretty and keep my stuff stored and out of sight. I also have a business card box with an cute message on top, and a great smelling candle.
  4. Get comfy. I have a great smelling candle on my desk, and put a faux fur rug underneath my chair. And I always have a yummy cup of coffee!
  5. Keep clean. I also don’t clutter my desk because less is more. I like having room to write in my planner and not having tons of stuff on the surface. That’s why I love desk drawers.

I hope these tips help shape your work space or office into a place you’ll want to spend every day in.


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