20 Things I Love About Summer

Hello Summer! I can’t express how happy I am to be back in the East Coast and to experience my first real summer since moving to Cali. There are so many things I love about Summer time that I grew up with and they make my heart so happy. So I’m rounding up my favorite 20 things that I absolutely love about Summer:

  1. BEACH!
  2. Grilling
  3. Sun dresses, rompers, shorts, and sandals
  4. Rooftop bars
  5. Iced lattes
  6. Short Hair
  7. Watermelon
  8. Fireworks
  9. Bikinis
  10. Road trips
  11. Relaxing on the lake
  12. Rose
  13. Flowers
  14. Bonfires and smores
  15. Loose curls
  16. Summer nights
  17. Fireflies
  18. Baseball games
  19. Fresh cut grass
  20. Swimming pools

These are simple things that make me so excited for the arrival of Summer and I look forward to as spring time approaches. Share some of your favorite things about Summer below!


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