Welcome to my Lifestyle page! It’s so important to me to share all aspects of my life in the hopes that it serves as inspiration to my readers.

The My Home page has all sorts of house-related content. You will also find Home Decor where I share my passion for decorating and interior design, as well as Home Tour where I bring you inside my living spaces.

My Food & Recipes page is where I share favorite easy recipes from meals to dessert to even drinks. I actually love baking and you’ll find a lot of fun and delicious related recipes.

We all love to Travel, at least I do. In this page you’ll find photos and videos of amazing locations I’ve been fortunate to visit, and hope to continue traveling and sharing more.

My overall goal and mission is to bring a smile to your face and help you live a happy and positive life, so I began the ‘pocket of poZitivity’ series, where I share advice and knowledge on all things life-related. I figured being in my 30s and having experienced a lot in my life so far, I have something of value to offer and could help and inspire others. You’ll find content about relationships, dating, happiness, work, and overall everything related to living your best life!

Lastly, my Modeling page is where I’ve shared photos from runway modeling I’ve done and very proud of.