How to Dress for Fall During Summer Temperatures

Hi loves,

It’s officially the most wonderful time of the year (to me at least)…FALL! You know September has always been my favorite month and Fall is my favorite season. It seems once Starbucks releases their PSL, Fall is on! So naturally we get excited to pull out our sweaters, cardigans, boots, and jackets. But let’s be honest, for many of us, the arrival of Fall still means Summer temperatures, sometimes well into October. So how do you dress for the new season without melting? I’m sharing some tips to help you get you Fall style on while staying cool.

As soon as September arrives, we’re eager to bring our fall clothes and shoes out of storage, and start dressing for the season. But for most of us, the temperatures don’t match “Fall” till late October, early November. Don’t worry though, I’m here to share some of my tips for looking Fall while staying cool.

Fall Colors

The EASIEST way to dress for Fall is simply by incorporating the colors into your look. Start wearing burnt orange, burgundy, and browns. But also think outside the box by pairing typical Fall colors with bold, non-conventional colors like blue, pink, and purple.

Autumn Prints

The next tip I have for you is to wear prints like plaid, houndstooth, leopard print (my favorite), check, and chevron. Take it up a notch by wearing the print in a Fall color.


I get it…it’s too hot out to all of a sudden throw on a cardigan or wear leather leggings. This is where accessories comes into play. Opt for a wool fedora hat, and leopard print or leather belts.

Boots Boots Boots

Let’s be honest, we wear boots to festivals and concerts in the middle of July, and even though the rest of our outfits says Summer, our footwear can easily say “Fall”.




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