Cheers to 2020!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR and cheers to a new decade! This past year FLEW by!!!! As always, I reflect on the past year to recognize my accomplishments and major wins, and then set goals for the new year.

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A year ago, I was determined to make 2019 MY year…the year to accomplish great things in all aspects of my life, experience new things, and improve myself as a whole. Here’s a recap of 2019:
– fell in love with the most amazing man
– launched “Zoha’s Zesty Life” video series
– renewed my lease for the first time ever in a decade
– crushed my blogging game
– found a great job I love
– celebrated my twin sisters Sahar and Naseem’s 21st birthday with them
– began a relationship with local bloggers
– attended my cousin’s wedding for a fun family reunion
– vacationed in Lake Murray, South Carolina with Rob’s family
– attended my first DC fashion show
– had the best Thanksgiving with my whole family
– experienced my first Christmas in Charleston
and last but not least, purchased my first Louis Vuitton bag!

And now for my 2020 goals:
– strengthen my blog and develop closer relationships with fellow bloggers
– work my way up the career ladder at my full time job
– travel more
– spend even more time with my family
– make my health and well-being a priority
– and lastly in general, focus more on the important things in life and not waste time or energy on things that don’t matter so much

I wish everyone a very happy, healthy, and prosperous new year and cheers to 2020!

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