Hello South Carolina!

Hi loves!

It’s been a LONGGGG few weeks as we packed, hauled, lifted, loaded, unloaded, reloaded, drove and finally got settled here in the Charleston area. The move was exhausting to say the least, but we’re so happy to start feeling settled into our apartment (while the house is being built). Since it’s officially 10 days since our move, thought I’d share some of my initial thoughts and observations.

So far, I’ve lived in PA, MD, CA, VA and now SC….guess you could say I get around haha. Though it’s been only a week here in the Charleston area, my hat, sunglasses, bikini, and flip flop inventory have already increased! And I’ve quickly made the following observations:

WEATHER – I definitely need a whole year, if not more, to acclimate to the weather. I’ve always been a huge fan of seasons, and no longer having them will be difficult. I grew up with foliage autumns and snowy winters, so I’ll have to travel back home to see that again. It’s always hot here and even during winter it’s still not really cold enough for sweaters. On the plus side, it always feel like a vacation and I love seeing palm trees everywhere.

FASHION – ok, other than the weather, this is another major aspect to get used to…and the weather has everything to do with it. This is very much a shorts, t-shirt, and flip flop-wearing culture. Kid you not, I wore white distressed jeans one day to the grocery store which is totally a casual outfit, and I was told I was “dressed up” LOL. I’m like what?! white pants are a summer item. Because of the weather, my wardrobe will be evolving to function, but I will definitely keep my sense of style!

LIFESTYLE – having lived in major cities for the majority of my adult life, I got used to the hustle and bustle of busy lives and the constant go go go. Here, it seems like life moves at a MUCH slower pace, which again I need to get to used to. It’s very much a chill, beach-going, take your time type of lifestyle. And the beach is my absolute happy place, so I’m very ok with that ^_^

PEOPLE – what I immediately noticed is how nice people are here, and it feels genuine. Strangers have complimented me on my outfits, say hello or just talk to you and it’s really great. It’s still too early to get an idea of how most people are here and the type of people who reside in the Charleston area but so far most people seem very friendly.

FOOD – listen, we are next to the ocean, seafood is my FAVORITE food, so let’s just say I’m in the right place. Gimme all the fish, shrimp, oysters, and scallops. I’m excited to explore the top food spots in Charleston and develop a list of my recommendations.

XO, Zoha


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