Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

Hello lovely readers and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We made it!!! PHEW! There are no words to describe this past year and I think we can all agree it straight up SUCKED, even for the most optimistic and positive ones like myself. I wanted to use this post to do a quick recap of 2020, and then share my thoughts on the new year and what I hope for in 2021!

First off, I made this NYE glamorous and fun regardless of the fact that I couldn’t go anywhere and stayed home with Rob. I felt it was important to end the year on a SPARKLY note and to celebrate the fact that we made it to the end of the year. I got all dressed up, put up some fun NYE decor and photoshoot props, made yummy appetizers, and of course popped a lovely bottle of champagne.

So let’s recap 2020…I remember NYE 2019 I was SO enthusiastic about 2020 and thought it would be the best yet. It’s crazy what life throws at us. Little did we know it was going to be one horrible event after another, and then came along a global pandemic that changed everything as we know it. My year started out wonderful, and I was living in DC at the time. In March I visited my family in PA and that’s around the time when we started hearing about the first cases of COVID-19. A month later we went into quarantine. Honestly I didn’t mind it too much at first – I’ve always been one to be out all the time and never home. I figured now I get to enjoy my apartment and get more done at home. I also downloaded Tiktok and thus began my obsession with learning the dances and creating new content on there.

But very quickly cases began rising all around the world and we realized we are up against something incomprehensible and life-changing. All of a sudden, toilet paper and Lysol sprays were more valuable than gold! People were hoarding hand sanitizers, and masks became the new universal accessory. And by the end of year, we were faced with MILLIONS of cases of Covid, an unimaginable number of deaths, and an unknown future where the goal every day has been to survive covid-free.

This all sounds like a movie and so unreal, yet it became our ‘new normal’. And despite all the awfulness 2020 brought, there were so many positives that came out of it, especially things that we never thought twice about. So I’d like to list the good things that happened this past year:

  • Rob and I bought a house and made a HUGE move to South Carolina
  • we learned to be grateful for EVERYTHING, especially the little things we always took for granted
  • health became first-in-mind and we learned just how fragile life is and how quickly it can be taken away
  • we had been dormant regarding problems existing in our society and this year forced us to wake up and face them, and to recognize that we are far from a country of equality and thus have so much work to do
  • the simple things in life grew in magnitude and importance
  • our planet got to breath a little…waters got cleaner, pollution decreased, and we were faced with the tough truth that we’ve been using up resources without considering the future of our planet
  • and FINALLY the most significant positive that came out of this year was that we learned what is truly important in life – WE ARE STRONGER UNITED. There will always be challenges humanity faces and instead of expending energy to create division, we saw what love and acceptance of one another can do.

So what are my thoughts about 2021? well let me first say that I step into the new year MORE CAUTIOUS instead of with visor vision. I hope that we can all get vaccinated and return to some level of normal again. I will be concentrating on doing more of what I love and filling my days with the things that make me happy. I’ve seen that life really is short and no one is immune to unknown factors in our world. So I will be doing anything and everything that brings me joy. I will go into the new year with my health as my top priority and my family as the people that matter. I will spend time and energy on my blog as it brings me so much happiness.

With all that being said, no matter what life brings, let’s remember that there is always a rainbow after a storm. So cheers to 2021, and I truly hope for a great year ahead!




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