Favorite Travel Essentials

Hi loves,

I’m headed to Chicago to watch my brother get married and my family is beyond excited. It’s always such an amazing time when my whole family gets together…we’re fun, we’re loud, and we love to dance! So a wedding is the perfect occasion for us to get together.

Since it’s still the beginning of August, I’m sure many of you are squeezing one last trip/vacation before Fall arrives. So I’m sharing some of my favorite items that I always travel with. Shop them all below!

Packing for a trip obviously depends on what the trip is and what you’ll be doing. If I’m headed to a beach, I’ll be packing mainly swimwear, but if I’m headed to a wedding like I am for this trip, it’s evening-wear and more formal accessories. But regardless of what the purpose of my travels are, there are several items I never go without. They have all proved useful over the years and you will love them too!

  • Take neutral colored shoes – they will match every outfit. I also always take a pair of sneakers which is what I wear during my actual travel.Don’t pack your floppy/fedora/panama hat in your luggage, rather wear it as part of your travel outfit to the airport so it does not get deformed.Limit jewelry since they can be heavy. Wear most of your jewelry and take a few pieces that will match all outfits. Also, use pouches to separate them to avoid necklaces tangling.Stuff socks inside boots/shoes to keep them from bending out of shape, and uses up the space efficiently.Put anything liquid inside zip lock bags no matter what. Things can always leak.Travel size creams, hair products, etc are the best to avoid bulk and weight.NEVER pack valuable in your checked bag! Take them with you in your carryon or purse. Always assume your checked luggage will get lost.Invest in a portable charger for your devices. They’re super affordable and easy to use in the airport or during your flight. Be sure to charge it the night before your trip!Wear your heaviest coat/jacket on the plane to avoid bulk and weight in your suitcase. Also, the temperature can get cooler on an airplane, so this way you’ll have a second layer handy.Stuff any additional purses/bags you’re packing with other items such as sunglasses, accessories, etc to use the space.Use travel pouches to organize your items. They come in several sizes and make packing so much easier.
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