Top 5 Swimsuit Styles For Summer


Hello lovely readers!

Tis the season for beach, bikinis, and pool side lazy days. Whether you’re heading to a fabulous resort, the beach just outside your city, or simply relaxing pool-side, you need the cutest and best fitting swim suit. So make a splash this summer with these fabulous styles:


This is a great choice if you’re busty (like me). The bikini top that has underwire for maximum support and extra coverage. CLICK HERE to shop this bikini!


This style is very popular right now, and if you’re looking for a bit more coverage on the bottom, it’s the perfect choice. CLICK HERE to shop this set!


This is perfect if you’re petite. It’s no secret that outfits with vertical stripes add the illusion of height, so why not apply it to your swimwear? CLICK HERE to shop this cute swimsuit.



If you prefer a one-piece to a bikini, but don’t want to be too covered up and still look sexy, then cutouts are the way to go. I love the peek-a-boo details in this one. CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE to shop these two suits.


We all love bodysuits, and quite often swim wear can double as a bodysuit…2 styles in 1! Woot Woot! Opt for this beauty right here. The rill and embroidery detail make it perfect to wear under short or jeans – instant top! CLICK HERE to shop this lovely swimsuit.

I hope these suggestions help make it a bit more exciting to soak up the sun!



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