Hello 2018!


A heart-felt hello to my readers! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

I can’t believe the new year is upon us and I’m super excited for 2018. There is so much I have planned already and can’t wait to kick off the year right. First however, is a new year post for you all!

Since it’s the new year, I wanted to talk about resolutions. I have never really set a specific new year “resolution”…I’ve always made goals in all aspects of my life, and tried to achieve those goals that would make my life better. Here are the life aspects I evaluate:

Hobbies, Work, Health, Social, Family, Self

I look at each of those aspects and set goals that will better my self for the year. I want to share with you my goals for “Hobbies”, which is this fabulous blog:

  1. This year, I’m aiming to produce more videos because I love it! Even if they’re not the best quality, I want to create lots of videos, both on instastory and on YouTube.
  2. I will get more personal. I have reached a point with my blog and on social media that I think people want to know more about me. So get ready to learn all there is about Zoha!

I write all of my goals in my planner so that in 1 year, I can look at them and evaluate how I did. I hope you set realistic and important goals or resolutions too, and do whatever it takes to amplify your life!



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