Beachy Lace

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Dress: H&M (found here) | Hat: Target (found here)

*this post is dedicated to all the fabulous ladies out there…the dreamers, believers, eternal optimists, and those who no matter what, never give up

Hi Everyone!

The last couple of weeks have been quite hectic and a lot has been happening in my life. I needed to get away for a day and clear my head…and the one place that I always love to go to is the beach. Nothing and nowhere helps me relax and center myself more so than the beach. And luckily now that I live in California, beaches are abundant and just a short drive away! So I headed to Capitola Beach and soaked up the sun 🙂

I recently bought this beautiful white lace dress from H&M, and love it so much! talk about a versatile dress…you can style this dress so many ways. You can put a belt or wear it with a statement necklace, put a hat on, go crazy with bracelets, wear flats or wedges or heels, ANYTHING!

And you can wear it to the beach, as I did. So I didn’t accessorize much and kept it simple and beachy with a hat and minimum jewelry. And yes I was barefoot haha.

Confession: I need to start taking photos with my camera instead of my iPhone ;p eventually I hope to get a professional camera!

Enjoy Father’s Day weekend!
Till next time,


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