5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Single Lady

5 Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Single Lady


*Check out more photos from our Galentine’s Day below!

Ladies, it’s almost Valentine’s Day, and if you’re single like me and don’t have that someone special in your life yet, have no fear cuz Zoha is here! There’s no need to be sad or depressed or any of that just because you don’t have a significant other…Valentine’s Day can be very fun regardless and I’m here to show you how.

I’ve been single for the past few February 14ths, but that has not stopped me from celebrating BIG! In fact, I get very excited! So how do I celebrate? Here are 5 suggestions to make you love Valentine’s Day:

#1: Go on a picnic or brunch with friends

Host a Galentine’s Day for your single gal pals and make a fun day or night out of it. There’s no need to spend a crazy amount of $. This year, my friends and I went on a Sunday picnic. We dressed up in our cute outfits, took some food and drinks, and spent a lovely day by the Golden Gate Bridge (check out my last post to see my outfit).

Another great idea is to go out for weekend brunch with your friends. Get your gals to dress up, even take some cute props with you, and enjoy a great brunch and take photos.

#2: Celebrate “Galentine’s Day”

In the past, I’ve hosted a Galentine’s get-together and you should too! Decorate your living room with minor festive touches (click here for decorations), get some roses, some snacks and Valentine’s Day cupcakes/chocolate, invite your single ladies, and have everyone bring wine or rose, and snacks. Order some pizza and have a blast! It’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and you can play fun games like Cards Against Humanity, and end the night with a great movie and popcorn.

#3: Take yourself out to dinner

This one might be hard for some ladies out there, but for me it’s a very normal thing. I go out by myself all the time and in my hectic life, there’s nothing better than some time with myself. Get all dressed up in a lovely Valentine’s Day outfit, buy yourself a single rose, and treat yourself to one of your favorite restaurants. I suggest going somewhere that allows dining at the bar. Most tables get booked on this night, and it’s actually more fun eating and drinking at the bar because it provides opportunities to interact with others and to meet people.

#4: Enjoy a night in with YOU!

If you absolutely do not want to go out alone, then a cozy night in is just as special. Make it a Valentine-perfect night by getting into cute & comfy PJs like these, light relaxing candles like these, pour a glass of wine or rose, order in from your favorite restaurant, and watch a great movie. Don’t forget about popcorn and also treat yourself with a yummy Valentine’s Day cupcake!

#5: Fun with the family

Ok, so if all of your friends have plans, and you really don’t want to spend Valentine’s Day by yourself, what do you do? If you have family that live nearby, spend a fun night with them! Whether it’s with parents, siblings, or cousins, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, so why not spend it with family. Make it into a fun family game night complete with pizza and a movie. Or if you enjoy cooking, why not cook them a Valentine-theme dinner!

I hope these suggestions will help make your Valentine’s Day special and memorable. Remember, it’s a fun day to celebrate love and that can be with anyone you love, even yourself! If you’re single, live it up while you can and you deserve to have a fabulous Valentine’s Day too. Check out more photos from our Galentine’s Day:

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