10 (errr 11) Fun Facts About Me!


Hi lovely readers!

This year, one of my goals with my blog is to get more personal with you all and to give you a closer inside peek at who I am and my daily life. So I decided to share some fun facts about me that most people may not know. Here we go…

  1. I have a medal in martial arts – this is probably the most surprising fact of all. I took 4 years of Tang Soo Do during high school, competed in a regional competition, and won a silver medal! I didn’t continue once I began college but do have a brown stripe belt woohoo.
  2. I studied civil engineering in college – I actually began studying architecture but then transitioned to engineering since coming from a Persian family, it’s typical to be an engineer, doctor or lawyer. I worked in that industry for awhile, but fashion has always been my passion. So I started my blog and 8 years later, here I am!
  3. I’m trilingual and besides English, I speak Farsi and French – I’m fluent in Farsi being Persian. And I took 7 years of French in school because I fell in love with the language. My dream is to go to Paris and actually use it.
  4. I love watching fresh prince, I love lucy, and whose line is it anyway – call it TV guilty pleasures or simply some of my favorite shows that people are surprised to know about me, but either way these shows are hilarious. Laughter is key in my life and I will watch reruns of these 3 shows any time.
  5. I have published articles in fashion magazines – when I was living back in Philly, I attended NYFW and covered several shows to write about. I have my articles published in many magazines, which are actually linked on my blog. These articles as well as my blog are my proudest accomplishments.
  6. I’m a list person – I have about 40 lists on my phone and counting…I just love making lists for anything and everything. It feels great to be organized and to document important things that I want to remember and keep track of.
  7. Obsessed with flash tattoos- Initially I started wearing these jewelry-looking temporary tattoos on beach days to avoid getting my actual jewelry all sandy. But then I loved them so much that I got to putting them on all the time and they’re so fun!
  8. I’m always the hostess and love themed parties – I’ve always been that person in my network of friends to host gatherings, events, and anything that will bring people together. As soon as I host something, I immediately begin thinking of the next event I can host. I especially love themed parties because they’re so much fun dressing up for, like Halloween.
  9. Total goofball – my family and friends definitely know this about me, but most of my blog followers may not. I am very silly and love making people laugh. Again, laughter is key in my life and seriously the best medicine in my opinion. I’m very much serious and a professional when I need to be, but otherwise life is just too short and I have a huge sense of humor.
  10. I Love breakfast! I start my day with coffee, then must have breakfast. I simply can’t skip to lunch until ive had something breakfast-ish. And will happily have breakfast for lunch and dinner. Just so yummy!
  11. *Bonus fact* I’ve always wanted to ride on a hot air balloon – this has always been on my bucket list and I certainly hope to get to do it. I also would love to attend a hot air ballon festival and think it would be so magnificent to see all the colorful balloons in the air.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me! If you share any of these in common with me, I’d love to hear about it, so leave a comment below and share fun facts about yourself.



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