Blog Turns 9 Today!

Hi loves!

It’s my blog’s 9th anniversary, or should I say BLOGAVERSARY. Almost a decade of blogging and I’ve come so far since starting back in 2012. What started as a creative outlet for me turned into so many partnerships, opportunities, magazine articles, some modeling, and essentially my own fashion and lifestyle brand. In honor of my website’s birthday, I’m sharing some thoughts about how my blog has changed over the years.

My blog has certainly gone through a lot over the past 9 years, just like I have. And because of my life changes, it has changed and evolved with me. The biggest change my blog went through was the rebranding…it started out as a fashion and dessert blog called “Posh to Ganache”. But as I created other types of content such as beauty, lifestyle, and home decor, I knew it was time to change the name. As hard as it was letting go of poshtoganache, it was equally important for me to keep my brand in mind and make sure that it represents what I’m doing. So I decided to rebrand it to my own name, Zoha Memari Blog. I get TONS of compliments on my name and it was the perfect rebrand.

Another change resulted from me losing my entire website last year and with it 8 years of content. It was devastating and there was no way to retrieve it. I had kept copies of some of my posts and work, but most of it was gone. This experience was much like the downs I have experienced in life…no matter how life knocks you down or how hard you fall, you get back up and try again, you persevere. And what’s exactly what I did, the next day I jumped into action and within a week created a whole new website! with that came a new design and revisions in my branding colors. I changed the blush/pink to more of a beige undertone that looks more sophisticated.

Aside from my website, my content has evolved as well and now I’m going through a new phase where my style is becoming more sophisticated. So I am making sure my fashion choices, my home decor, and my life choices is reflecting that. I’m focusing on creating the absolute best version of myself, someone I can be even more proud of, and same with my blog and content.

I love my blog with all my heart, it’s my business, it’s my baby, it’s what I created from nothing and grew into something that still makes me proud. And year after year, through everything that happens in my life, my blog and content creating is the one thing I can turn to that brings me a sense of accomplishment, empowerment, and fulfillment, without fail.

So happy 9th birthday to my blog! CHEERS <3


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