Hi I’m Zoha (means sunlight) and I’m SUPER excited you’re here! I’m a 30-something fashion and lifestyle blogger. I absolutely love sharing my fashion finds, beauty goodies, home decor, and pretty much every day life with my followers. I like to find joy in the little things, and love me some heels, lipstick, great cup of coffee, champagne, dessert and sunshine.

I’m from State College, PA (my family is originally from Iran) and a HUGE Penn State football fan (WE ARE!). My blog began in Philadelphia in 2012 while I was working in the engineering industry. I needed an outlet to express my passion for fashion, and thus was born. Having had the chance to also live in San Francisco, Charleston, and Washington D.C., I’ve gained valuable experience along with diverse inspiration.

My blog serves as source for women to be inspired to chase and accomplish their goals and dreams no matter what. I believe that superb style can make a women feel like the queen in their life ♛

Get to know me more…here are some facts:
– I’m bubbly, energetic, goofy, optimistic, and over the top. I love to laugh and don’t take myself too seriously
– I celebrate the little things daily
– Graduated with a Civil Engineering degree from Penn State. After a thousand career changes, I found my passion in fashion and lifestyle blogging (and I work in marketing full time)
– Breakfast is my favorite food and I’ll eat it any time of the day. Seafood, sushi and ALL Persian food are a close 2nd
– I can’t live without my annual planner
– I watch Fresh Prince every morning
– Magicians acts fascinate me and I hope to see a magic show in person
– Obsessed with lipstick, heels, coffee & anything sparkling like champagne
– Have a medal in Tang Soo Do martial arts
– I’m a list person and have over 200 lists on my iPhone
– Love to dance! any time, randomly, any chance to shake it!

Thanks again for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my blog!
XO, Zoha