5 Simple Daily Habits That Help Me Stay Fit

Hi lovely readers,

It’s the new year and with that comes our new year’s resolutions. For many of us, it’s to get fit and healthier. Of course diet and exercise are the key factors to being healthy and staying fit, but what about the little things we do during the day? Now every BODY is different and I had figured out what works best for my body. So I’m sharing 5 simple daily habits that have helped me stay fit and healthy, and I hope you find them useful!

  1. Drink lots of water

    I think many of us underestimate the power of water as well as what the lack of it can do. A lot of time when we feel “hungry”, we’re actually dehydrated and are THIRSTY. Water can help burn calories and suppresses your appetite.
    The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is drink a full glass of water. Then throughout the day, I refill my favorite water cup and drink A LOT! I also don’t drink soda and juice, and instead drink still and bubbly water.
  2. Walk 15-20 minutes a day

    This seems like a no-brainer, but there have been days when I realize I’ve been sitting a lot and haven’t moved much. So I made it a habit to just go out side for a short walk every day…it gets me moving, gives me some Vitamin D, and really the fresh air does wanders for how much more productive I become.
  3. Eat 5-6 smaller meals

    For as long as I can remember, I’ve ate several smaller meals during the day, instead of 3 big meals. A big meal makes me feel lethargic, and gives my stomach discomfort. Smaller meals keep me from being hungry and gives my body the chance to process less food at one time.
    I also snack but when I do, I snack healthy – such as almonds, cheese stick, and fruit.
  4. Balanced foods instead of dieting

    I don’t diet. I eat anything and everything, however, in moderation and balanced. What I mean by that is if for example I know I’ll eating a carb-heavy dinner, I’ll opt for a carb-free lunch. It’s all about balancing the various food groups.
    Also, I never skip breakfast. I can NOT start my day without breakfast and I really believe it sets the tone for the rest of my meals.
  5. Work on my laptop standing up

    If you’re like me and your work requires you to sit at a computer all day, then you know the toll it can take on your body. For me personally, if I sit for any longer than a half hour, I get pain and numbness in my legs. I acquired a standing desk for my laptop that has been a life-changer! I have it next to my regular desk and throughout my work hours, I alternate between sitting and standing.
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